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Adjustable compact mobile standing frame which allow a person with motor problems to get into and stay in an upright position and move around autonomously. Stand-Up ETM: motorised elevating mechanism and drive system.

*The Stand-up is a motorized lifting mechanism and drive system. Adjustable compact mobile upright frame that allows a person with mobility problems to enter, stay upright if desired and move independently!

Available for user height from 130 to 200cm
Maximum user weight: 100kg
Distance from the seat on the floor: 54 cm.
• Distance from seat to footrest: 49cm
• Lift procedure with 24 VDC actuator
• Autonomous battery up to 40 lifting cycles.
• Battery rechargeable, time: 6 hours
• Seat cushioning to follow and help the bowl move during the standing procedure.
• Available chest bracket (in height) stretches: 24 cm and 35 cm
• The knee support is adjusted to a height that moves to facilitate the switches.
• Armrest
• Detachable and adjustable polycarbonate work disk.
• Standard seat width 40 cm (Various seat width available upon request)
• Standard seat depth of 42 cm (Different seat depth is available upon request)
• The back is available in various dimensions and adjustable height
• Total weight with battery: 48 Kg
• Frame width: 116 cm
• Frame width: 66 cm
• Battery: 12VDC 1.3Ah / 20HR

Metallic grey

Metallic blue




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