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Vassilli S.r.l. Stand Up 18.64M Manual


With the "HI-LO M" You can move actively and improve the movement space. Those who carry out their work or any other business benefit from it. The erect position prevents pain, relieves spoiled positions, stabilizes circulation and bone structure. Using this wheelchair in everyday life is independent and autonomous; You can lift, move or lower yourself using a simple electronic control placed on your armrest. The vertical movement is reciprocal with the user's joints.

In the frame of the wheelchair is possible to vary the depth of the seat and the angle of the backrest inclination, the knee pad is adjustable and removable. Backrest foldable forward. Equipments of the chest containment band, adjustable and foldable armrests. Available in two versions: 42 cm and 46 cm.
Maximum capacity 120 Kg.

Technical Data:

HEIGHT                     90 - 102 cm
LENGTH                             100 cm
BRUSH HEIGHT             68-78 cm
SEAT HEIGHT                      50 cm
SITTING WIDTH            42-46 cm
PURPOSE                           120 kg
PENDENZA MAX.                   10th
WIDTH                           62-66 cm
STEP                                    77 cm
MAX SCALE                            4 cm
WEIGHT                               38 kg

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