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Vassilli S.r.l. Stand Up 18.68E Electric


Taking on the vertical position is not only improving your autonomy but also a therapeutic well-being. Verticalization prevents many disorders related to immobility, such as decubitus, poor circulation, and various skeletal musculoskeletal disorders. The vertical movement is reciprocal with the user's joints. The particular structure of the HI-LO electric wheelchair combines the robustness of the frame with a perfect agility and smoothness in the drive. IS?? It is possible to vary the width of the seat and the depth and the angle of the backrest inclination. Backrest foldable forward. The knee pad is adjustable and removable and the chest strap band is supplied. The armrests are adjustable and tiltable. Removable seat side guards. Available in 2 versions: 42 cm and 46 cm. Max. 120 Kg.


Technical data:

HEIGHT                    90 - 102 cm
LENGTH                          105 cm
BRASS HEIGHT             70-80 cm
SEAT HEIGHT                    50 cm
SITTING WIDTH            42-46 cm
PURPOSE                          120 kg
PENDENZA MAX.                   10th
CURVED RAY                    100 cm
WIDTH                          60-64 cm
STEP                                  75 cm
LENGTH SITTING           40-52 cm
MAX SCALE                          4 cm
WEIGHT                              84 kg
SPEED                            7 km / h